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Fraser Expeditions Co.

Concept Design 

Fraser Expeditions Co. was developed as a concept for the Cornell Theme Park Engineering Group's annual design competition. Teams were given the following prompt:

"Develop a design concept for our flagship themed experience here at Seas of Imagination. As you know, Seas of Imagination is the newest aquarium facility here in Vancouver, and we are working to upgrade the basic aquarium concept to meet the expectations of today’s families and youth. We pride ourselves in creating attractions that connect our visitors with British Columbia’s wildlife using immersive themed spaces and cutting-edge interactive technologies in our stand-alone facility on the banks of the Fraser River.


While most of our facility is dedicated to animal exhibits, we are looking to construct a flagship themed experience for our visitors that will showcase the aquarium’s world-building. In keeping with the high standards we hold for our attractions, we want the proposal to have a coherent narrative that can be understood in the experience and throughout the aquarium. Visitors should be immersed in the story regardless of their choice to visit any singular component of the proposal. Additionally, we are looking to integrate cutting-edge interactive technology and a novel ride system into the experience. We are hoping guests can receive a unique personalized adventure each time they visit. We are not looking for animal exhibits to be included in the proposal at this time."

The "Spirit of Adventure Creative Group" is proud to present: The Fraser Expeditions Co. 



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Development Process

Expected deliverables 

The "client memo" we received specified what deliverables the aquarium was requesting from our development process. Since The Spirit Adventure Creative Group acted as a full-service firm, we were to deliver both creative and technical conceptual work. In this package, you'll find


  1. Concept board,

  2. Attraction master plan,

  3. Annotated schematic drawings of the attraction,

  4. Innovation write-up document,

  5. Attraction development write-up document.