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; A Work In Progress

In a nutshell,

Devised Work | Lighting Design

Inheritance is a collaboratively devised work produced by UNC School of the Arts (School of Drama & School of Design And Production) that examined this thought:


"In isolation, we often struggle with ourselves and the people around us; it can be a pressure cooker. Meanwhile, outside our windows, something is brewing – protests, a pandemic, an election, climate change, and weather events. It can feel like the world is on fire and everything is crumbling. Do we have the power to change any of that?” - Andy Paris


Unlike a "traditional" theatrical design process the performers and creative team had to build the script and develop ideas collaboratively and on a tight schedule. With less than two months to create a first iteration, we dove into working immediately. 

Creative Process

The Lighting Design Perspective

Roughly a month into the devising process, we confirmed our location for this iteration: The Historic Brookstown Inn - A landmark in Winston-Salem NC, with a rich history of its past life as a cotton and textile mill. Over the course of two weeks, the production electrician (George Meltzer)  and I took some equipment to the location to find interesting textures and angles that would help aid in the story we were writing, as well as tell the story of the building's history 

After completing a load of light tests and texture studies, I worked with the creative team to consolidate the visuals we found the most compelling to share with our audience. 

I began to refine my research and move forward with the lighting and atmosphere design with this concept in mind:

Inheritance is a metaphorical looking glass that examines the lives of six characters, struggling with the present-day world around them. Isolation, Fear, and loss- all under the veil of a global pandemic, systemic racism, and social injustice. As we see these characters through the windows of the historic Brookstown facade, a past era emerges, and we are surrounded by what this building used to be: an early 19th-century cotton mill, built by marginalized individuals, who lived lives that were strikingly similar to the ones of the characters in the windows. A nod to the past, to encourage change for the future.

Production Team

Produced By the North Carolina School Of The Arts

Conceived by

Eliza Kelley

Directed by

Andy Paris

Assistant Director and Dramaturg by

Eliza Kelley

Written by

Murphy Applin | Acadia Barrengos | Reagan Carstens

Luke Klein | Deandre Savon | Mimi Viglietti

Scenic Designer

Romello Huins

Lighting Designer

Jake Frizzelle

Properties Director

Adia Matousek

Costume Designer

Melissa Thurn

Sound Designer

John Schirillo


Wig & Makeup Designer

Abby Eubanks


Production Manager

Joel Magill


Production Stage Manager

Carson Roxanne Gantt

Vocal Coach

Robin ChristianMcNair


Assistant Properties Director

Amy Laliberty


Lead Artisan

Tatum Eyre

Properties Artisans 

Nat Carreiro | Brooke Downing | Praveer Gangwani 

Audrey Harms | Becca Morgan | Cas O'Neal 

Mackenzie Potter | Emma Thomas | Gabe Weis


Props Run Crew

Mahalet Andrachew | Megan DeVolder | Cayman Raff


Head Sound Engineer(A1)

Nora Cuthbertson


Deck Sound Engineer (A2)

Dylan Schoolfield


Deck Sound Engineer (A3)

Talia Whitehead

Assistant Production Manager

John Poindexter


Assistant Stage Manager 

Lindsey Cope | Quinn Mishra


Assistant Sound Designer 

Kelsie Grigg


Costume Designer Assistants 

Molly Klemm | Maureen Wynne


Assistant Wig and Makeup Designer 

Cheyenne Hart


Production Assistants

Alex Magallanes | Omar Sosa


Production Electrician 

George Meltzer


Head Electrician

Haley Burdette


Assistant Head Electrician

Jacob Gerber



Jacob Rodgers



Izzy Fores | Taylor Gordon | Sara Green | Abigail Hall | Grey Nicholson | Harrison Reid | Stephen Smart


Costume Shop Manager

Rebecca Eckes



Lily Mateus | Maggie Tennant


First Hand 
Chloe Walters



Marquita Horton | Abbey Maruyama | Megan Peck


Wardrobe Supervisor

Jenna Travis


Wardrobe Assistant

Molly Klemm



Abbey Maruyama | Will Wharton


Wig & Makeup Shop Manager

Cassie Richardson


Assistant Wig & Makeup Shop Manager

Abby Eubanks


Wig & Makeup Build Crew

JoAnn Battat | Dustin Kirby | Nic See | Madison Skinner |

Key Concept
Early Rehersal Photography
The Lighting Design Process
The Production Team
Exhibition Photography

Exhibition Photography

Photography by Peter Mueller & Jake Frizzelle