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Doggy Nirvana's

Wilderness Camp

Creative Direction

The Frizzelle Creative Studio was hired for a full-service contract in San Diego Ca. to bring this one-of-a-kind idea to life: Doggy Nirvana's Wilderness Camp

A 15-acre park planned for eastern San Diego, this heavily themed lifestyle park offers a safer, cleaner, and more exciting escape for dogs and their human companions too! Explore the five different pavilions located throughout the park, and take advantage of the multitude of amenities located on the property! Shopping, dining, professional behavior training, grooming, veterinary services, splash parks, high agility courses, educational workshops, and the list goes on!

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Doggy Junction BGM Track

Gottard's Grotto

BGM Track

The Oasis

BGM Track

The Outpost

BGM Track


Lee & Gottard

Wilderness Guides

Health & Wellbeing





"The Explorer's Bungalow" in the evening

"The Grain Bin"

Quick Service Location

Show Scene on the Nature Trail

Nirvana Map Final.jpeg


The Frizzelle Creative Studio


We're professionals who are passionate about creating unique story-driven experiences that are as innovative as they are exciting.


Bringing together disciplines from a wide variety of sectors, our studio is structured to serve both our clients and our artists in ways that produce remarkable results while still remaining affordable.

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